This transfer model can be used to estimate the concentration of dioxins (total TEQ) in body fat and in the central compartment of the pig based on oral exposure to feed contaminated with dioxins. General information on how to use the transfer models on this website can be found under “How to use”. The specific manual for the dioxins (total TEQ) – pig can be found here. A log with the changes made after the release of version 1.0 of the model can be found here.

Source: Hoogenboom LAP, van Eijkeren JCH, Zeilmaker MJ, Mengelers MJB, Herbes R, Immerzeel J, Traag WA (2007) A novel source for dioxins present in recycled fat from gelatin production. Chemosphere, 68, 814- 23.

Please cite as: "Transfer model dioxins (total TEQ) - pig, version 2.0 (available via" when referring to this model.