Proclaimer for use of the transfer models available via this website


The models available via the website are designed to estimate the transfer of chemical compounds from feed to products of animal origin (edible products). The models determine the resulting concentration of a compound in edible products during or after exposure of animals to a chemical compound in feed.
New scientific knowledge may lead to changes in the models. Adjustments to the models will be clearly communicated via the website. The actual version number is mentioned in the footer of the webpages of the transfer models.
The application of the transfer models, including the evaluation and selection of data, requires knowledge on feed risk assessment. When used as a starting point for risk assessment and/or risk management, adequate interpretation of the results of the model calculation is required. To evaluate compliance with legal standards, the results obtained with the simulation of the transfer of the contaminant from feed to animal products should be confirmed by analytical results.
RIVM or WFSR are not responsible nor liable for the consequences of the operational use of the models available via